Part of my college essays series: This is one of the essays I wrote during the political theory general exam for my PhD. The exam was an approximately 15-hour marathon session, involving 6 out of 12 essay questions, for a final total of 33 double-spaced pages written without access to any notes or sources. In this [...]

Atoms form bonds of varying strengths with other atoms to form molecules. The bonds they form naturally are generally stable, whereas the ones that are forced by men decay rapidly — and give you cancer. (Embrace it! Own it! :o) [Cross-posted at The Libertarian Standard; HT fellow TLS blogger Robert Wicks for suggesting the second [...]

Human, All Too Human: A Poem

I wrote this in a strong, rebellious Nietzsche phase in Nov. 1999: Human, All Too Human What beast is Man! Cruel and mean-spirited Conformity is the master plan Individuality has faded To be different is to be outcast Mindlessly follow the herd mentality The disease spreads fast Don’t deviate from the herd morality! No one [...]

Progressive Egalitarians Should Be Anti-IP

The Obama Administration insists that “‘Piracy is flat, unadulterated theft,’ and it should be dealt with accordingly.” Nonsense, of course. Only scarce goods can be property and therefore only scarce goods can be stolen. Ideas or information patterns are nonscarce goods. If I take your bicycle, you don’t have it anymore. If I copy your [...]

Behind the Scenes of Atlas Shrugged

About a month and a half ago, in Atlas Shrugged movie finally filming?!, Jacob Huebert updated us on the Atlas Shrugged movie. Now, thanks to Reason Magazine and, we are privileged to see behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. I’ll admit I was leery of the current iteration of the project, but I am somewhat reassured [...]

American vs. British SF, Revisited

A while back I published a blogpost here about the individualist American strain of SF and the more cosmological perspective of the British strain. I just published and expanded and revised version at The Libertarian Standard, working in more explicit libertarian observations.

Movie Review: Ninja Assassin

First of all, I found the title of the movie to be redundant from the get-go. The action scenes are mostly way over the top. The gore insanely so. Swords and other blades slice through body parts, even cutting men in half at the waist, as if they were hot knives slicing through butter. Ninja [...]

American vs. British SF

[Update: A revised and expanded version of this post has been published at The Libertarian Standard.] Are there any major differences between American and British SF? If so, what are they and what is the reason for them? In the latest issue of Locus Magazine (Dec 2007), reviewer Graham Sleight says a couple of interesting [...]