Jury Nullification

If only the jurors in Martha Stewart’s trial had heard of the power of jury nullification. In our judicial system today, judges instruct juries that they can only evaluate the facts, not the law. But this is a falsehood. Traditionally, juries have had the power to judge both the facts and the law, and by [...]

Kangaroo Courts and Show Trials

Martha Stewart has been found “guilty” of… of what? Insider-trading? The prosecution couldn’t get that one to stick. Outsider trading? What the hell is that? Some new non-crime the government has cooked up? She was found “guilty” on counts of “obstruction of justice” and “making false statements.” But the fact is, she didn’t do anything [...]

Subverting the "Great Writ"

…the road to fascism. Are we governed by a president and Congress? Or a (tyrannical) king?“THE WRIT OF habeas corpus (Latin for “you have the body”) compels the executive branch to produce a prisoner and disclose the legal basis for his or her detention, so the court may decide whether that detention is constitutional. This [...]

Congress Repeals Laws

From the Mises Economics Blog; this one is just too funny not to repost here:Congress Repeals LawsArt CardenWASHINGTON—Amid concerns about a declining industrial base and outsourcing of high-tech jobs to low-wage countries, a bill to repeal both the Law of Comparative Advantage and the Law of Demand passed both houses of Congress Thursday with near-unanimous [...]

Veritas Noctis

The reader may wonder about the url for this blog: Veritas Noctis. It is Latin and roughly translates as The Truth of Night. What is the truth of night, one might ask? Why…it is the herald of a radical new dawn. Because it is always darkest before the dawn, or so the saying goes. I [...]

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