Away for the holidays…

To all my readers (if I have any! ;o) ): I’m going out of town to visit the folks for the holidays. I’ll probably be back around the middle of next week, maybe sooner. I probably won’t be posting while I’m gone, but you never know. In any case, have a safe and happy holiday!Yours [...]

Ayn Rand and Apriorism

Neil Parille has written an article on “Ayn Rand and Apriorism” over at SOLO HQ (that’s Sense of Life Objectivists Headquarters). And, as it is a subject that I myself am very much interested in and currently working on, I have commented with my own insights into the issue.

From NASA to LSU? Please no…

Outgoing NASA chief Sean O’Keefe has thrown in his hat as a contender for the recently vacated Chancellorship of my alma mater, Louisiana State University. Fortune help us. The last thing LSU needs, if it is to improve its national standing among Research One universities, is the head of that supremely incompetent and inefficient bureaucracy, [...]

Be careful what you wear for Halloween!!!

The government is on insensitivity patrol! In a 5-2 LA Supreme Court decision, a Lousiana judge in New Orleans was suspended without pay for 6 months recently. Why, you might ask? Because his Halloween costume was “racially insensitive.” He will lose more than $50,000 in pay and has been ordered by the court to take [...]

Hot off the Presses!

This just in: Good news! Roderick Long will be taking over the editorship of the Journal of Libertarian Studies. Congratulations and best wishes to him. I look forward to reading JLS under his guidance. Read the official announcement.

Neoconservatism, Irving Kristol, and Hegel

Tibor Machan has also been to a Philadelphia Society meeting. (See my reflections on the meeting I attended.) I think there were a lot more neocons there when I attended than when he did. In fact, he writes of one of the first neocons, Irving Kristol, presenting a novel idea to traditional conservatives: we need [...]

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