Watch this political ad (below) promoting Washington State’s Initiative 1098, which seeks to dedicate $2 billion per year to fund education and healthcare for children. It’s always for the children! It’s not about soaking the rich! even though this other Yeson1098 video makes a point of demonizing the greedy rich. The slogan is “the wealthy [...]

I’m hearing reports that nearly $1 billion has already been spent on US House elections alone. Sheila Krumholz of the Center for Responsive Politics predicts “$3.7 billion will be spent on this midterm election.” That’s 30% more than last time. It’s no surprise that the more legal plunder government is able to redistribute, the more people [...]

10:10's Decimate the Global Population Campaign

An organization called 10:10, whose mission is to promote a global campaign to get everyone to (voluntarily) reduce their carbon emissions by 10% starting in the year 2010, has produced what is perhaps the most ill-advised publicity campaign ever. Apparently they thought it would be funny to highlight the allegedly voluntary nature of this campaign [...]

Road Socialism Leads to Broadband Socialism

In a previous post I pointed out the slippery slope in accepting government-backed licensing of “crucial” professions. The problem with slippery slope arguments is that they tend not to be rhetorically-compelling to those without a sufficiently cynical, I should say realistic, conception of the state. They are simply not convinced that allowing certain “reasonable” policies [...]

Major Site Redesign

After completing a major redesign of The Libertarian Standard site, I decided to do the same thing to my much-neglected personal site as well. Most of the changes I made there, I made here. There are a few exceptions since I don’t have quite the same setup as TLS. I have a separate front/landing page [...]

Grading the Pledge to America

So….the Republicans have put out their Pledge to America. Is it any good? Jeffrey Tucker sums it up pithily by juxtaposing short quotes from it and the Declaration of Independence: Declaration of Independence (1776): “That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or [...]

Ecofascism in the Name of Fending Off Ecofascism

Micah White at The Guardian writes of the growing danger of ecofascism or environmental authoritarianism. Some environmentalists, like James Lovelock and Pentti Linkola, want to put democracy on hold and/or return humanity world-wide to a primitive state of existence in order to combat global warming. Ironically, his proposal to fend off this growing danger is [...]

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