Laissez Faire Books (LFB) is a seminal libertarian institution that dates back to 1972, six years before I was born. In its heyday, it played a central role in the libertarian movement as the largest libertarian bookseller, a publisher of libertarian books, and an old-school social network, hosting social gatherings and other events. This was [...]

Ecofascism in the Name of Fending Off Ecofascism

Micah White at The Guardian writes of the growing danger of ecofascism or environmental authoritarianism. Some environmentalists, like James Lovelock and Pentti Linkola, want to put democracy on hold and/or return humanity world-wide to a primitive state of existence in order to combat global warming. Ironically, his proposal to fend off this growing danger is [...]

Progressive Egalitarians Should Be Anti-IP

The Obama Administration insists that “‘Piracy is flat, unadulterated theft,’ and it should be dealt with accordingly.” Nonsense, of course. Only scarce goods can be property and therefore only scarce goods can be stolen. Ideas or information patterns are nonscarce goods. If I take your bicycle, you don’t have it anymore. If I copy your [...]

Over at, Reihan Salam had something rather unexpected but very welcome to say about the CEO of a major corporation: That the success of the Kindle is good news for Amazon should go without saying. But it represents a remarkable environmental advance as well. The publishing industry in the U.S. felled roughly 125 million [...]

CrunchGear vs. the Tea Party on Net Neutrality

Yesterday, in All Your Tubes Are Belong to Googlizon, I blogged about the Google-Verizon proposal for regulating the internet and why libertarians should oppose both it and any net neutrality laws and regulations. Today, I came across a post on CrunchGear, a tech and gadgets site, by Nicholas Deleon, that criticizes the Tea Party for [...]

All Your Tubes Are Belong to Googlizon

What you say!!! ((Confused by this sentence and the title? The title is a mash-up of a few geeky internet memes. Know your meme, and also check out this Wikipedia article and this YouTube video.)) There has been a lot wailing and gnashing of teeth recently over a joint announcement by Google and Verizon of [...]

Stackpole, Doctorow, and Intellectual Property

Cory Doctorow recently announced an experiment to prove that giving away free ebooks works. Michael Stackpole responded with a deconstruction of Cory’s experiment. He makes a number of good points about the experiment, though I think he comes off unnecessarily harsh on Cory personally. And one gets the impression that he feels threatened by the growing [...]

The New Apple iMissile

In recent news, Apple has joined the military-industrial complex. Get ready to say hello to the new iMissile. No offense, fanboys and girls.It’s my first LOLcat. Like it? :D(I added just the Apple logo and the text, someone else had already put the cat in.)

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