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After completing a major redesign of The Libertarian Standard site, I decided to do the same thing to my much-neglected personal site as well.

Most of the changes I made there, I made here. There are a few exceptions since I don’t have quite the same setup as TLS. I have a separate front/landing page and blog page, whereas the blog page is the front page there. I don’t publish articles here. I use some sidebar widgets here that we don’t use on TLS, and vice versa. But you’ll notice I moved to a 2-column layout and added a Blog Archives page and a Tag Cloud page. I didn’t bother adding a Popular page, because I just don’t get enough traffic yet to justify it. Someday I might.

Sidebar widgets have been moved around, for the most part only appearing on pages in which they are relevant and useful for what the reader is presumably doing on said page. Hopefully, you’ll find the layout to be cleaner, more useful, and the site to load faster.

I still need to work on properly categorizing and tagging my old blogposts; the legacy of moving my blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress after several hundred posts. There are still many formerly-internal links in my old posts that link back to posts on my old Blogger blog, which I have set up to redirect back here. One day maybe I’ll get around to fixing them.

Anyway, I’ll continue to make minor changes and improvements over time, but the major ones have been accomplished.  What do you think?

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