Kangaroo Courts and Show Trials

Martha Stewart has been found “guilty” of… of what? Insider-trading? The prosecution couldn’t get that one to stick. Outsider trading? What the hell is that? Some new non-crime the government has cooked up? She was found “guilty” on counts of “obstruction of justice” and “making false statements.” But the fact is, she didn’t do anything wrong. Not only is insider trading not a crime in any legitimate sense (despite what the US statute books may say), but according to the government’s definition of insider trading, she didn’t even do it! As for the charges of which she was found “guilty,” apparently it is a crime nowadays to declare one’s innocence. And yet law enforcement, government lawyers, politicians, and other government officials can not only get away with what Martha will likely go to jail for, they are actually encouraged and trained to do it! Our justice system is no mere joke; it is an outrageous and tyrannical travesty of justice; it is unjust. If you are not outraged by the injustice that has been done to Martha, then you deserve the tyranny the US is turning into. America is fast becoming not a land of the free, but the home of slaves and their masters. Martha Stewart is the victim of a witch-hunt and was found “guilty” in a show trial.

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Another heroine who stood up to the state: Vivien Kellems.

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